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Boost Revenue Potential with Park Model “Log” Cabins for Your Campground

Choose from a Variety of Camping Cabin Models to Expand Your Campground’s Appeal—and Grow Your Bottom Line

The Campground Cabin Models Available from CabinPro

Which park model log-type cabin will best fit your campground? Will your guests prefer cabins that are quaint, or spacious, or enhanced with privacy features? Maybe you’d like to provide a selection of camping cabins for your guests to choose from.

We offer three park model cabins for campgrounds:

The Aspen

With a spacious living/dining area, porch, and loft, the Aspen will comfortably house six people.

(for 6 Guests)

The Misty Mountain

Four guests will enjoy a kitchen, living/dining area, and a private bedroom in the Misty Mountain.

(for 4 Guests)

The Forest Glen

The Forest Glen cabin will provide six to eight people with two private bedrooms and an optional loft.

(for 6-8 Guests)

We offer custom cabin options, too! Contact CabinPro for more information.

Park Model or Log Cabin? Let’s Compare

The term “log cabin” is used to describe virtually any rustic-appearance wood or wood-like structure. Many aren’t actually log cabins, and for good reason.

True log cabins require a lot of maintenance, including:

  • Regular exterior cleaning to remove dirt, pollen, and other debris that could lead to premature decay and to prepare for sealing
  • Sealing and staining every two to five years to protect the logs from moisture, UV rays, and fungal growth
  • Regular rot, decay, and insect infestation inspection and log replacement where necessary
  • Chinking inspection for cracks and gaps, plus filling and repair of damaged chinking
  • Pest control to keep termites, carpenter ants, birds, and wood-boring bees and beetles at bay
  • Landscaping maintenance to avoid accelerated rot or decay from shrubbery and the excess moisture it can cause
  • Periodic foundation inspection and repair to correct any moisture infiltration

As you can see, genuine log cabins aren’t the best investment. The time and money you’ll spend on maintenance alone could make it difficult to justify their purchase.

Park model cabins from CabinPro, on the other hand, have the low-maintenance and easy-hookup features you need to turn your campground cabins into revenue-generators.

Every CabinPro cabin is built with the following:

  • LP SmartSide Siding for exceptional protection against pests, weather, mold, and rot
  • Spray foam insulation for superior energy efficiency, sound-proofing, and structural integrity
  • Waterproof foundation
  • Top-quality doors and windows
  • The ability to move the cabin from site to site
  • Bathrooms, running water, and electricity
  • Easy 3-point utility hookups

As you can see, CabinPro cabins’ faster setup, mobility, and low maintenance mean you’ll be able to start turning a profit sooner and avoid cutting into that profit later.

Let’s discuss all your options, including park model vs log cabin, and how CabinPro can help you grow your business.

Not a Campground Owner? You Can Still Invest with CabinPro Cabins

Campground owners don’t have to make all the profit! And cabins aren’t just for campgrounds! If your municipality allows it, you may be able to rent out a park model cabin through Airbnb, VRBO, and others.

Want to enhance your mountain acreage or beach lot? Again, check with your municipality to see if they’ll allow for this type of accommodation. You could be closer to that hunting camp, off-grid cabin, mountain getaway, or beach retreat than you thought.

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