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Park Model Cabins

The Modern Cabins Available Nationwide from CabinPro

Are you a campground owner who wants to add cabins to appeal to a wider audience? A VRBO or Airbnb prospector who wants more flexible options than a stick-built log cabin? Or a landowner considering a log cabin or modular cabin for a hunting lodge or vacation spot?

CabinPro has a variety of Park Model Cabin options available to you:

The Aspen

When you want a cabin with a loft and a porch, a large living/dining area, and room for six people, take a look at the Aspen park model cabin.

The Misty Mountain

For plenty of room for four people, a private bedroom, kitchen, and living/dining area, you can rely on the Misty Mountain cabin to deliver.

The Forest Glen

You can accommodate six to eight people in the Forest Glen park model cabin, which includes two private bedrooms and an optional loft.

You can have all the revenue potential and competitive edge you want—plus so much more—with park model cabins from CabinPro.

Contact us for more information on any of these models and their options, including custom cabins.

Park Model Cabins—
Sound Investments for Campground Owners

Campground owners across the country are recognizing the benefits of owning CabinPro cabins as an alternative to traditional log cabins and modular cabins. Consider how you can benefit when you choose CabinPro:

  • Increase Revenue Potential
  • Pay Less When Compared to Many Traditional Log Cabins
  • Do Away With Wood-Boring Pest Worries
  • Rent to Visitors All Year ‘Round
  • Compete with Larger Campgrounds by Offering More Options
  • Market to the Glamping Segment
  • Expand Your Campground w/o Having to Build More Bathhouses
  • Reduce RV & Camper Trailer Damage to Your Property
  • Plug-and-Play with Three Simple Connections
  • Move Your Cabins as Your Campground Grows
  • Know That You’ve Chosen a Remarkably Energy Efficient Option

That’s just the beginning of everything you’ll enjoy about CabinPro park model cabins. Get in touch with us to learn even more about CabinPro and how we’re committed to offering great investment opportunities to you.

Adding a Park Model Cabin to Your Campground or Property is Easy as 1, 2, 3

If you’ve been putting off purchasing one or more cabins because it sounds complicated— it’s time to reconsider. With CabinPro, it couldn’t be easier!

Step 1

Select your model, customize it, and add amenities.

Step 2

Submit your down payment.

Step 3

Prepare your site for delivery.

a group of happy young friends relaxing and enjoying  summer evening around campfire on the river bank

You Can Experience the Same Benefits Our Satisfied Customers Have

Whether you’re a campground owner or an investor, you can take advantage of all that Park Model Cabins from CabinPro have to offer. You can have one or more contemporary log cabins without the troubles that come with traditional log cabins and other types of modular cabins.

More information about Park Model Cabins is waiting for you. All it takes is one call to CabinPro to start experiencing the benefits that our customers enjoy.

“We are very pleased with the Park Model we purchased from Cabin Pro, the quality and their service excited our expectations. We are working with them on a second unit currently and will plan on a third unit in the fall.”

Roger D., Park Owner