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The Small Cabin You’ve Been Searching for is Here! Meet the Misty Mountain

Get the Functionality and the Affordability You’re Searching for in this Tiny Cabin for Sale by CabinPro

An Affordable Getaway for Small Families and Couples

Does your campground need mini cabins that you can offer at a lower price point than more spacious cabins? Are your guests asking for a “small log cabin” or a “tiny log cabin” to call home while they stay with you? The Misty Mountain park model cabin is precisely what your campground needs.

Invite your guests to escape in the Misty Mountain Series, crafted to be the affordable haven that both you and your guests are craving. It comfortably sleeps up to four people, with one bedroom spacious enough to hold a queen-size bed and room for a pull-out sofa bed in the sizeable living room.

The Misty Mountain might be our smallest model, but it still has everything your guests will need to feel at home, including a shower, refrigerator, and stove.

This small cabin has been artfully crafted to provide comfortable, functional, charming accommodations for your campground guests, for your overnight Airbnb or VRBO lodgers, or for your own enjoyment as a hunting camp, fishing cabin, or beach getaway.

Additional Park Model Cabins from CabinPro

It’s true that CabinPro has small cabins for sale, but what if a larger cabin would better suit your needs? Or what if you’re wishing for a cabin with a porch? You have more options available to you from CabinPro:

The Aspen

Enjoy our widest cabin with an 8’ covered porch and room to accommodate up to eight guests comfortably.

The Forest Glen

Provide up to eight guests with luxury, comfort, and privacy when you choose this loft-optional park model cabin.

Not only do we have a selection of park model cabins available, but we’re also happy to speak with you about customizing the model you choose.

Get in touch with CabinPro today to learn about all your options.

What Makes CabinPro’s Large and Small Cabins Different?

A CabinPro cabin isn’t the typical small prefab cabin or tiny log cabin for sale. In fact, it’s not a log cabin at all, and that’s an advantage to you.

Because our cabins are not traditional log cabins, they’re not susceptible to destruction from pests (bees, beetles, birds, termites, carpenter ants), rot, decay, and mold. They’re also remarkably energy efficient, sound-dampening, and structurally stable.

Need more? How about their portability and quick three-point utility hookups?

Add it all up, and what you’ll get is a small cabin that’s expertly engineered, well-built, and designed to help you increase revenue.

Contact CabinPro now. We’ll discuss how a small cabin like the Misty Mountain can help you increase the appeal of your campground and grow your business.

Searching for a “Tiny Log Home” or a “Tiny Mobile Home for Sale”? Try the Misty Mountain Instead

Whether you’re hoping to jump on the tiny home trend without the fuss of building a structure from scratch or you want to have the look and feel of a log cabin without all the maintenance, look no further than CabinPro.

The Misty Mountain and all the park model cabins from CabinPro fit the bill—and then some!

Get the small cabin or the spacious cabin you want—with quality and affordability built in. Now is a great time to discover all that’s possible with CabinPro.